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SAP Flow - heat field deformation

About Me

I hold a Bachelors of Science, in Computer Science, focused on environmental science, and specifically hydrology. I am a highly experienced, qualified and published, Software Developer, Computer Scientist and Spatial Analyst, with 20 years experience in software engineering, database design and development. Complemented with an excellent knowledge of geospatial data, statistical analysis, sensor design, and 7 years of basin to catchment scale hydrological analysis and modelling

A transformative experience that drove me as; a person, an engineer, an environmentalist, a field researcher, a spatial analyst, and investigator and a scientist, was: As a researcher for the Hydrology department of James Cook University, I supported a study into “ground-water change in the Murray-Darling basin”. At the time, I was an undergraduate student, and a commercial software developer. I began this project, just for the technology, and 3am coding sessions. The field work, camping, hydrology, and water science were the extras, but soon became the amazing, eye opening and mentally stimulating activities. Five years later: we complete the project. I attained a BSc comp-sci.; and in-depth understanding for; people, team-work, remote locations, geospatial statistics, environment management, climate change, catchment hydrology, and technology, and 3 co-authored published peer reviewed articles.